August 27, 2011

Quick Links

I was working on Linux privilege escalation and found these 2 very useful pages.
1.This gives a quick intro to Linux privilege escalation.

2. And this gives detailed description of the above post! Kudos to g0tmi1k!

August 19, 2011

Linux for hackers - Part II

After posting 1st part and my 1st entry in the blog, I decided that I would post at least 1 new entry every week, but here I am again, writing after 4 weeks. Now looking back, I feel like the 1st entry isn't how I wanted it to be.
I wanted to put the things present in Linux which are required for hackers most often. So in this part, I would list all such things and briefly explain their importance so that it doesn't look like a tutorial.
Obviously this list not extensive or authorized.  I might miss something very important and put something very basic, because I am no master in Linux. I am still learning and I will always be learning.