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Metasploit's "other" utilities unleashed - I

Metasploit is a huge tool. When I started learning and playing with it, all I knew was use,set,exploit and run.
That was awesome and I was happy with that. But then, I came to know that many Metasploit  users don't even use the framework to its 50% capabilities. So I started exploring in the Metasploit directory and lo, so many utilities were sitting there begging me to use them! In this multi part series, I will introduce all these little gems that are packed in the Metasploit directory, ready to make your life a lot easier.

This is a command line utility in Metasploit, it is used for generating shellcode or a standalone payload which can be delivered to the victim for execution. Its real benefits are realized when developing new exploit modules and testing different types of shellcode with it.
The syntax for msfpayload is very simple.


Usage: ./msfpayload [<options>] <payload> [var=val] <[S]ummary|C|[P]erl|Rub[y]|[R]aw|[J]s|e[X]e|[D]ll|[V]BA|[W]ar…