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Collection of CTF writeups

Last month, I took part in a CTF competition of nullcon. It was great, it was fun, and it was my first CTF. I had practiced a little and was thinking "lets do this and win!!" But when I started playing, it became very clear that the practice you do in-house is far different that what is needed in the CTFs. I had no experience of playing a CTF whatsoever and that hurt. After the CTF ended, I started reading writeups of previous CTFs organised around the world in many conferences. It is really an enlightening read how creative you have to be at times to figure out how to solve a level. That is why I have collected writeups from various CTF winning teams. Who knows what trick might give you a WINning moment in the next CTF. I present here a few writeups from my collection. Do let me know if I have missed a good one through the comments. Hope you enjoy and learn from them! 
Guys over at are doing a great job collecting info about various CTFs around the world. You can read many more writeups here